Then & now


The Furtschaglhaus lies at an altitude of 2,295m and was built by the Deutscher Alpenverein Sektion Berlin e.V. in 1888. Back then the hut offered a women’s dormitory with 4 matresses and a men’s dormitory with 14 mattresses. In the first year, the hut had 158 overnight guests. The hut was extended ten years later, and over 1,000 guests stayed overnight at the Furtschaglhaus. 


An alpine hut exists because of its visitors and its landlord. One landlord particularly stands out in the history of the hut: Alfons Hörhager who was the landlord from 1901 to 1956. Many first ascents have been made from the Furtschaglhaus such as the Große Möseler, the south face of the Großer Greiner and the north face of the Hochfeiler.


Following ten years of renovation, the hut was modernised in 1992, and in 2002 an in-house hydro power station was added. 

Nowadays, the Furtschaglhaus can sleep up to 56 people in cosy guest rooms as well as 64 hikers in mattress dormitories. Therefore, we offer beds for up to 120 overnight guests.  

Supplies and provisions are brought to the hut by a special goods cable lift, which is privately owned by Barbara Gratz.  


The winter room is also open outside of the general summer opening dates and offers 12 beds.