Lake & Mountains


In the midst of the Zillertal Alps, at an altitude of 2,295m, lies the Furtschaglhaus, an alpine hut of the Deutscher Alpenverein Sektion Berlin e.V.. The ascent to the hut is simply breath-taking!


From the Schlegeis reservoir, enjoy a gentle stroll around the lake and take in the beautiful scenery around you. Be inspired by the colourful wild flowers, waterfalls and the deep green of the lake. A signpost in the direction of the “Furtschaglhaus” signals that the destination is getting closer. 

A well-maintained walking path leads up to the Furtschaglhaus. Entranced by the views of the highest peaks of the Zillertal Alps, the climb is soon over and, jubilant, you reach your destination – the Furtschaglhaus!