A day to remember!

When the weather is fine, head straight for the mountains! Start your hike at the Schlegeis reservoir. Walk past the Zamsgatterl restaurant to the end of the reservoir, and cross the bridge to the other side of the valley. At this point you’ll see a signpost to the Furtschaglhaus, but you’re not there yet!


Follow the path as it snakes up the mountain, through alpine meadows - in June and July through fields of alpine roses as pretty as a picture. You’ll hardly notice how far you’ve walked! Then, the ascent becomes gentler, no longer quite so steep. Keep following the path and you’ll be with us in no time at all!

Reward yourself with local culinary specialities, and the best beverages. Soak up the sun’s rays on our sun terrace and gaze up at the highest peaks of the Zillertal Alps, the Großer Möseler, Hochfeiler and Hochsteller. 


After a hearty and delicious meal, make your way gently back to the Schlegeis reservoir. In the evening, when you reflect on your day, you’re sure to decide that it was well worth the exertion. 


Life in the mountains is simply fantastic!