Hiking in the Zillertal Alps High Alps Nature Park

The Berliner Höhenweg leads through the heart of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park, from the Gamshütte in Finkenberg to the Karl-von-Edelhütte in Mayrhofen – or vice versa. Hikers are treated to the most incredible views of glacial mountains and the scenic beauty of the high alpine countryside.


The length and starting point of your tour is entirely up to you. If you want to do the full trail, you can start either at the Gamshütte or the Karl-von-Edelhütte. However, every hut along the trail is linked by a route up from or down to the valley. The start/end points in the valley are all well-connected by public transport allowing you to tailor your hike to suit you. 


Hikers on the Berliner Höhenweg are walking in the footsteps of alpine history. In the mid nineteenth century, the Ziller Valley was one of the original destinations for mountaineers, with Ginzling known as the mountaineering village of the time. In 1879, the Berliner Hütte was the first alpine hut to be built in the Ziller Valley. Shortly afterwards, in 1889, a path was made from the Berliner Hütte over the Schönbichler Horn to the newly built Furtschaglhaus. This marked the start of today’s network of alpine paths and huts. 

Olpererhütte - Furtschaglhaus

Descend steeply from the Olpererhütte, past the Zamsgatterl restaurant. Follow the forest road for about 3km to the end of the Schlegeis reservoir. Take a left, and start the ascent along a stepped path which snakes back and forth up the steep mountain side between the Wasserle gorge and the Furtschagl stream. Finally, follow the path, at a moderate incline, through the meadows to the Furtschaglhaus. 


  • 500 altitude metres of ascent
  • 600 altitude metres of descent 
  • Time: approx. 4 hours

Furtschaglhaus - Berliner Hütte

The route from the Furtschaglhaus to the Berliner Hütte is a highlight of the Berliner Höhenweg. A good path leads at a moderate incline towards the Schönbichler Horn as the landscape becomes increasingly barren. Crossing steep scree fields, the path climbs sharply to the foot of the peak of the Schönbichler Horn. From here, bearing right, a steep channel with a fixed cable climbing aid leads along the south ridge to the summit at 3,134m. Descend down the steep and exposed east face to the north-eastern ridge. From here the path continues downwards on well-secured stone slabs, like a giant staircase, to 2,700m, and you can catch your first glimpse of the Berliner Hütte. From here, simply follow the path!


  • 900 altitude metres of ascent
  • 1060 altitude metres of descent
  • Time: approx. 6.5 hours