Schönbichler Horn (3.133m)

The Schönbichler Horn is undoubtedly the most popular “three-thousander” in the Zillertal Alps. Almost no hiker leaves the Ziller Valley in the summer months without having stood at the summit of the Schönbichler Horn. 


The most convenient route to the peak is simple: stay overnight at the Furtschaglhaus and make your assault on the summit early the next day. Just above the hut, a well-marked path gradually climbs in the direction of the Schönbichler Horn. After crossing a few streams, at an altitude of around 2,700m, you will come to a rock face. Follow the path in several switchback turns as it climbs up the rock face. Cross the scree fields below the Schönbichler Horn to the foot of the peak. From here, bearing right, a steep channel with a fixed cable climbing aid leads along the south ridge to the summit. Your hard work will be rewarded by the amazing 360° views at the summit cross.


Time: approx. 2.5 hours from the Furtschaglhaus 






Furtschaglspitze (3,190m)

Follow the path to the Schönbichler Horn to an altitude of approx.. 3.050m. From this point, leave the path to cross through the large notch in the ridge and follow the west face (partially marked by cairns) to the summit.


Time: approx. 3 hours from the Furtschaglhaus


Großer Greiner (3.201m)

A very distinctive mountain, which demands absolute surefootedness and rote from those who hope to conquer it.  Head north from the Furtschaglhaus through the Reischbergkar cirque to the south face. The path is very poorly, if at all, marked. At the south face the ascent is marked in red. Make the sustained steep ascent to the ridge (sometimes climbing III) and continue to the cairn. Further to the east there is an even higher point. 


Time: approx. 3.5 hours from the Furtschaglhaus